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We specialize in blending and selling luxurious home-made oil based perfumes

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As a luxury lifestyle brand our aim is to be a leader in home-made oil based perfumery, always anticipating and meeting the tastes and preferences of our discerning customers and bringing them Joy through the medium of fragrance.


We excite, inspire and soothe the human spirit, you name it, and we mix it. One person ­and one bottle at a time.

What clients say

I have been using Joy-Star perfumes for more than 3 years now and I have
never looked back and I have been a happy customer since.
The customer service is excellent, I have introduced so many friends of
mine, family and colleagues and they have since became fans, and the best
thing is that they are affordable, I am a happy client 😊

  • Happiness,


Joy-Star’s, Cologne is nothing short of exceptional. The original brands
I get from them smell amazing and are long lasting. However, the customer
care and attention to detail is what is more profound as that is what
allows them to perfectly produce and deliver a personalized scent of
intricate notes that they create on my request. I am yet to be
disappointed and, I am above and beyond satisfied.

  • Kwabena,

    East London

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